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About Us

ZYMCI is an online Chinese Proper Noun dictionary. At the moment it's English-Chinese but the other languages on ZYMCI will shortly be live. All the entries are separated by category and you can search by word or words in English.

Why is there need for a Chinese Proper Noun dictionary?

Simply at ZYMCI we felt that when speaking Chinese, there are so many Proper Nouns that you want to use all the time and you are unable. You want to talk about the area that you live in, historical people, movies you have watched and much more. One problem with learning Chinese is that many learners find that they can express certain words in Chinese but they don't know the Chinese names for say House of Flying Daggers . Chinese is hard language to speak but surely it's important to be able to understand who is being referred to in a Newspaper? Or know how to actively say Proper Nouns.

ZYMCI is unusual in that we don't have other words, just Proper Nouns (and a few phrases that we believe could count as Proper Nouns). Will you need another dictionary? The answer is yes, but ZYMCI will add much more detail to your existing knowledge.

ZYMCI Categories

ZYMCI Proper Nouns Dictionary is organised into categories to help you find the Chinese vocabulary grouped in the best way possible.

How many words are in ZYMCI dictionary?

At the moment there are over 15000 words, but more are being added all the time.

Topical Categories

Topical categories on ZYMCI Proper Noun Dictionary are East China Sea Islands, USA Reality Stars