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Fujian Museums

Anxi County Museum Cai Xiang Memorial Hall
Cai Xiang Memorial Hall Caixi Village Investigation Memorial
Cemetery of "February 7" Martyr Lin Xiangqian Cemetery of Martyr Lin Baishui
Chairman Mao Led the Red Army Captured Zhangzhou Memorial Changtai County Museum
Changting County Museum Chen Dai Hui Ethnic Historical Museum, Jinjiang
Chen Dai and Chen Zifeng Memorial, Jinjiang Chen Jiageng Memorial Hall
Datian County Museum Dehua County Ceramic Museum
Dongshan County Museum Dr. Lin Qiaozhi Memorial
East Fujian Revolutionary Memorial Hall East Fujian She Ethnic Revolutionary Memorial
East Fujian Tai Ethnic Museum Fujian and Taiwan Relations History Museum, Quanzhou City
Fujian Provincial Museum Fuzhou Memorial Hall of the Majiang Naval Battle
Fuzhou Memorial Hall of the Revolution in 1911 Fuzhou Museum
Geological Museum of Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau, Fujian Huang Daozhou Memorial Hall
Huang Daozhou Memorial, Dongshan County Huang Naitang Memorial Hall
Huian County Museum Jiangdong County Museum
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