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Guangxi Museums

Beihai Fisheries Museum Beiliu Museum
Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs, Donglan County Cultural Relics Museum of Li Zongren
Cultural Relics Museum of Youjiang Revolution Du'an National Museum of Yao Autonomous County
Fangcheng GeZu Autonomous County Museum Former Residence of Xu Beihong Museum
Geological Museum of Geology and Mineral Resources Research Institute Guangxi Natural History Museum of Zhuang Autonomous Region
Guangxi Institute Site of Peasant Movement Guangxi Martyrs Memorial
Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden Guangxi Museum of Geology
Guangxi Science and Technology Museum of Zhuang Autonomous Region Guilin Museum
Guiping County Museum He County Museum
Hepu Couty Museum Karst Geological Museum of China
Karst Geological Museum of China Leye County Museum
Lingshan County Museum Lingyun County Folk Museum
Liuzhou Museum Memorial Hall of the Eighth Route Army in Guilin Office
Memorial Hall of Martyr Li Mingrui and Yu Zuoyu Memorial Site of Joining forces of the Seventh and Eighth Chinese Red Army
Memorial Site of the Seventh Red Army of CPC Memorial Site of Zeng Piyan Cave
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