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Hebei Museums

Artillery Museum Baoding Science Palace
Bethune Memorial Hall in Hejian County Bethune Memorial House
Cheng Nanzhuang Revolutionary Memorial Hall Chengde County Museum
Chengde Science and Technology Museum Chicheng County Museum
China Tang County Bethune, Ke Dihua Memorial Hall Dingzhou Museum
East Hebei Cemetery of Martyrs East Hebei Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall
Exhibition Hall of Seismic Data, Tang Shan Exhibition Hall of Seismic Data, Xing Tai
Gaoyang Textile Museum Guo Shoujing Memorial Hall
Handan Museum Handan Science and Technology Museum
Hebei Science and Technology Museum Hebei College of Geology Museum
Hebei Provincial Museum Huanghua Museum
Ke Dihua Memorial Hall Li Dazhao Memorial Hall
Longhua County Museum Luanping County Museum
Military Education Museum Mountain Resort Museum
Museum of Zhili Govern-general's Offic, Bao Ding North China Military Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs
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