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Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany 德国古山毛榉林 Ukraine World Heritage Sites
German Wirehaired Pointer 德国硬毛指示犬 Types of Dog
German Long-Haired Pointer 德国长毛指示犬 Types of Dog
German Spaniel 德国猎犬 Types of Dog
Germanium Periodic Table Elements
Fußball-Bundesliga (Germany) dé jiǎ 德甲 Football Leagues
German dé guó rén 德国人 Nationalities
Germany dé guó 德国 Countries
German Rough-haired Pointing Dog dé ɡuó cū máo zhǐ shì quǎn 德国粗毛指示犬 Types of Dog
German Shepherd Dog dé mù 德牧 Types of Dog
German Pinscher dé ɡuó bīn shā quǎn 德国宾莎犬 Types of Dog
German Shorthaired Pointer dé ɡuó duǎn máo zhǐ shì quǎn 德国短毛指示犬 Types of Dog
German Hunting Terrier dé ɡuó liè ɡěnɡ 德国猎梗 Types of Dog